What would it be like if you explore my website? The more you explore, the more you’ll find yourself growing curious about things I’m curious about, things like:

  • financial independence
  • index investing
  • mindfulness meditation
  • code
  • digital privacy
  • crazy running
  • memory
  • linguistics
  • persuasion
  • alternative moneymaking
  • Bogotá, Colombia
  • non sequiturs

I’m Steve Gilbert.

  in the Badlands
Heel-clicking in the Badlands

My birthday is and I’m a one man shop who beats to his own drum.

I grew up in New Jersey near the beach. I’m the son of an entrepreneur and high school teacher. And I have one sibling, a sister. I’m the younger.

I played football and basketball in high school.

I did my undergrad at the Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison where I studied linguistics. Midway through college I decided to stop and take a year off to work because my family fell on hard times financially. This was shortly after the 2008 financial crash and during the time when H1N1 (swine flu) was sweeping the land. And because of which, the Wisconsin State Department of Health was seeing a surge in H1N1 cases. And they needed extra bodies to handle the data entry of these cases. I was able to get one of those data entry jobs, worked at the Department for the year, and stashed away a good chunk of my earnings. I returned to school in better financial position and later graduated.

Today, because of diligent saving, frugality, and making a habit out of passive index investing, I’m financially independent at . And I now spend a lot of my time writing about money at Gilbert Index and learning to code, among other side projects. In a previous life I led business development at several tech startups.

One of those side projects is Crazy Running, a new running sport chances are you’ll love and one people have called “awesome.”

The last half decade I’ve been living in Latin America. For the most part in Bogotá, but also Mexico City and Montevideo. Crazy Running was founded in Bogotá.

At the moment I have my hands full with projects, but I’m always up to hear ideas, particularly those related to the things above. If you’d like to hash things out, write me at [email protected]